A home care service is well worth considering for anyone who is starting to find daily life more challenging.

For many elderly people, being able to continue living in their own home is key to maintaining independence, dignity and a passion for life. Aging takes a toll on our bodies both physically and mentally. Naturally, some of the everyday tasks that we once took for granted may become more difficult. Simple parts of the daily routine such as shopping, dressing and cleaning may become a serious challenge for our elderly loved ones. At this point, it is seriously worth considering a home care service to alleviate the strain on them and allow them more time to focus on hobbies and interests.

What is home care?

In a nutshell, home care is where a trained care staff visits the home to help with the important day to day activities. Some elderly people may feel threatened by this prospect because it can feel like they will lose some independence. It’s crucial to understand however that the goal of a homecare service is to improve their independence. Support with the essential daily tasks will free up more time for the things they love to do and can help those that struggle with mobility to stay active within the community.

It is also worth noting that the local authority may be able to contribute to the cost of homecare. It is a good idea to sit down with a social worker to discuss care needs and work out whether someone is eligible. In this case, a budget will then be assigned for the home care.

The benefits of homecare

An elderly person receiving home care and laughing with her assistant. Bespoke homecare services are easily slotted around everyday life. This allows a person to remain living at home safely and happily. Family members can also rest easy knowing that they will still be getting the required support where necessary. The flexible nature of homecare means that it can be adapted completely to the needs of the person and their schedule. Our homecare service is designed to be adjustable, whether this means daily visits, live-in care, or just the odd hourly session of catching up and supporting. The service is designed to take the pressure off the daily routine, either through complete care or by helping to improve other care being provided by friends or family member.

Home care is designed to help with the more challenging elements of growing of age – and to make them easy. This might be through personal support that revolves around helping an individual get washed, dressed and ready for the day. Or perhaps through more practical care and helping with tasks that have become tedious. Some common examples involve shopping, making meals, handling mail and dealing with household bills and cleaning.

Designed with you in mind

There are also options for more specialised homecare. For example, when someone has just been discharged from a hospital and needs specific help with their recovery. The goal of our homecare is to provide the right support to the people that need it. As part of this, we can offer tailored care packages designed for individuals that are living with medical conditions. This is important because different disabilities come with different sets of needs and care needs.

The flexibility of home care is one of the reasons it has become so popular. Life can be difficult at times and homecare provides the vulnerable with the support and companionship needed to prosper.  Hands on Healthcare Solutions provides peace of mind to families that their loved one is receiving professional care.

Live in care is a reliable and inexpensive alternative care option to residential care homes, this is when a care staff moves into your own home to help with personal care, companion and household chores 24/7. This enables you or your loved ones to stay and be cared for in your own home. Hands On Healthcare Solutions provides 24-hour care at home on a long or short-term basis helping and supporting you to make your own decisions about your day-to-day life, such as what to wear, buy or eat. Live-in care means having a fully trained Care Staff living with you in your own home. Your live-in care staff will support you with your specific needs to keep you comfortable and independent at home. Hands On Healthcare Solutions care staff and companion helps you with:

  • Personal Care and Specialist Medical Care

  • Dietary and Nutritional needs

  • Companionship and Support

  • Housekeeping and Other Daily Domestic Tasks

Whether it is helping with Homecare, personal care, keeping on top of the chores or moving around the house, many of our care staff become a rock to their clients, enabling them to live the way they want every day.

Complex care is specialist support for someone with a chronic or long-term health condition, who requires extra assistance to manage their symptoms and day-to-day activities of daily living. This type of care differs from general Homecare or domiciliary care because it usually involves medical intervention of some sort and involvement with clinicians and nurses that specialise in that individual’s particular condition. Complex care can include any condition that requires clinical support, such as Parkinson’s, Spinal, Acquired Brain Injuries, Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Muscular Dystrophy, Muscular Sclerosis, Stroke, Low Awareness State, Cerebral Palsy, Guillain Barre Syndrome, or Other Neurological Conditions . It can also be provided if someone requires nursing care as a result of their primary condition, for example, a PEG feeding tube after someone has had a stroke. The aim of complex care at home is to provide support around an individual’s needs and enable them to retain their independence as much as possible.

What Is Home Care?

The most common question we are asked by the clients is “what is home care?”. Home care service or Domiciliary care usually mean someone visits your loved once to help them with their daily routine and checks to see if they are doing well. However, there are often many variations offered which allows the care to be specifically tailored to the needs of your loved one’s needs.

The main goal is to provide the support necessary to allow someone to continue living safely within their own house. This is typically provided by paid care staff, but your local council may provide funding to help cover the costs.

Finding out if you are eligible for home care or Domiciliary care funding

It is always a good idea to find out if your relative or loved once are eligible for any home care funding. This information is available from your local council’s website or getting in touch with the social worker, which you can find using the link below:

Click here to find your local authority. 

We understand that this may seem like a big step to take, especially if you have never dealt with a social worker before. However, it is important to do because they will help you find the right amount of help for your loved one. The social care funding process involves meeting with a social worker and your loved one so they can discuss your needs. They will also be able to calculate whether you are eligible for any funding. If you are, they will then allocate you a budget to spend on the home care.

Domiciliary care/home visits

Hands On Healthcare Solutions care staff will arrive at the service users home at regular intervals to assist with everyday tasks. This makes the individual’s daily routine easier to manage and allows someone to check up on them. This can be great for people that are of advanced age or suffering from an illness, injury, or disability. In these situations, home care visits can provide the extra support needed to enjoy living independently at home. For the elderly, this can become hugely important for improving their self-esteem. Domiciliary care reduces their reliance on relatives and therefore allows them to maintain a healthy level of independence.

Companionship care

Hands On Healthcare Solutions companionship care service is similar to domiciliary care, but its focus is on tackling the serious problem of loneliness amongst the elderly. Additionally, it is used for helping people get out of the house and out and about in the community. This can be incredibly useful for more isolated people living alone, or those that struggle with mobility. Companionship care can take place at home though. We think it is so vital for your loved one to be able to share moments that matter with another person. This could be over a nice meal or hot drink and an afternoon chat. We can also temporarily extend this to a live-in service to give your loved one the support and confidence to enjoy a holiday away or perhaps a short weekend break.

Live in care

An assistant is shown providing care for an elderly service user in her home. They are pictured at a desk, touching hands, and smiling. This is generally the highest level of care service offered and provides an around the clock home care service. The individual receives a dedicated live in care worker that is available to assist throughout the day and night. This provides the maximum level of support, allowing your loved one to continue living within their own home and community. Typically, this is most suitable for the elderly, people with disabilities, those living with a terminal illness, people with complex care requirements or those needing mental health support.

Long-term care

Long-term care is defined by an ongoing care plan that has been scheduled for a long duration. The care provided can range from practical help at home, to more complex and intensive care, depending on a service user needs. There are many kinds of long-term care, but typical requirements might include ongoing support for someone with physical or mental health disabilities.

Dementia care at home

This is a specialist form of long-term care designed to cater specifically to the condition and to deliver a plan structured around the individual’s needs. Hands on Healthcare solutions we strive to offer a reliable, compassionate, quality and professional care service that allows those living with dementia to continue living at home safely.

Home from hospital care

Home from hospital care is used to enable patients leaving hospital following a serious illness or injury to recover comfortably in their own home. We designed our service to remove the burden of day-to-day activities and allow your loved one to fully focus on the recovery process. This can also reduce the risk of complications occurring.

Respite care

A care staff is shown outside with the elderly client, who is sitting in a wheelchair. They are positioned between some potted flowers smiling. Respite care can be a temporary step-in care service, usually for a family carer that needs to take a break and some time out. We know that it can be hard to let go and allow someone else to care for your loved one. Some people may even feel like they are letting them down. However, it is so important that a carer takes some time to relax and unwind. For the sake of their own health and well-being, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time out.  At Hands On Healthcare Solutions, we have experience of delivering the highest standard in home care. We believe you can rely on us to treat your loved ones with the compassion they deserve while you are away.

End of life care

Hands On Healthcare Solutions have designed this service to provide the maximum level of support and comfort available to those in their final days. It makes it possible for your loved one to remain at home and in familiar surroundings during this difficult time. At Hands On Healthcare Solutions, we are proud to be able to offer a professional and empathetic end of life care service that helps support people through one of life’s most difficult challenges.

Homecare or Domiciliary care offers the extra support, reassurance and companionship that may be needed for the service users, clients or patients to continue living at home as independently as is possible. There are times when we all need a extra support. Whether it’s help with the household chores, personal care, medication or mobility, a dedicated care staff can be there to provide you with a peace of mind. But home care is not only confined to the home but the chosen care staff can enable you to get out and about to pursue your hobbies, interests and living an independent life as possible. You can even receive support while you’re on holiday or visiting family, friends or dear once.

If you think your loved one just needs food, shelter, and clothes, then you’re probably wrong!

Personalized care plays an important role to make adults’ life easier.

Feeling satisfied is as important for good overall health as getting regular check-ups from the doctor.

When you provide quality home care and support services, your elders can have more energy, better appetite, less stress, and ultimately, their health would improve.

Let’s discuss the ways to help older adults.

  1. Treat Depression: Did you know?

Depression affects elder people more than others!

And that could be losing investment, spouse death, or children’s tension. Also, medical illness is another reason behind it.

To improve the quality of life, personal care is important to reduce the signs of depression so they can live a healthy life.


  1. Help them Feel Useful and Needed: When you care for an older adult, let them feel that you still need them. With 24 hour care, you’ll let them know that they are not alone.

Even if they can’t do some of the tasks, that’s should be ignored. What matters is that they are a part of your family.


  1. Encourage Physical Activity: Make sure you provide them the best home care services and support to encourage their physical activity.

Doing light exercise would improve sleep quality, brain health, immune system, lowers blood pressure, etc.


  1. Keep them Mentally Active: Ensure you keep them active mentally by allowing them to play games like Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, reading, writing, etc.


  1. Help them Stay Connected: Seniors who are lonely have shorter lives.

By providing constant care, they would stay connected with their loved ones.


Final Thoughts

Providing personalized care would encourage and help your older adult stay connected with their community.

Can you imagine thinking something without your brain?

Well, that’s impossible!

The brain is the focal point of the nervous system that effectively controls our body.

But most people tend to overlook this important body part and end up facing health issues like stress, depression, hypertension, anxiety, etc.

As per the study conducted, our brain constantly uses 20% of the total energy to make us think, decide, and work.

The message is clear – the personalized care of your brain is incredibly important to get optimum results.


  1. 1. Start Running: Doing so would significantly improve our mental functionalities, including a switch between multiple tasks, marshal attention, and solve problems.
  2. Restrict Technology: It’s hard!

But you can do it just for a few hours.

Because of consistently receiving information, technology makes our brain flooded with thoughts.

The brain can’t bear so many new things daily and consequently, you gradually end up slowing down. You must do home-based care and break from your gadget and let your brain relax.

  1. Learn New Language: Besides stimulating your thinking capabilities, it can significantly increase your knowledge and let you interact with new people while helping you to gain additional skills.
  2. Good Nutrition: It plays an important role in giving your brain optimum nutrition it asks. Researchers have shown that people who do constant care and often consume fish, nuts, fruits, and vegetables are less vulnerable to cognitive impairment and dementia.
  3. Listen to Music: Who doesn’t love listening to music!

Research has shown that playing an instrument can sharpen concentration, improves memory capacity, and builds patience.

Final Thoughts

From your mood to mental performance, our brain controls everything.  If you want to achieve the best results with your brain, you need to take personalized care to let it flourish.

It may be daunting sometimes finding the best home care services for your loved ones. For this purpose, you have to browse Google and get the list of best home care service providers to deliver a total piece of mind with the utmost safety in your budget.

Also, don’t forget to check the range of home care and support services offered by the Company. If you are still confused, here are the facts to consider while choosing the home care service provider for your dearest one or a complete care solution for your family.

In the first step, research for the best homecare Companies and take reference from your family and friends too. Don’t forget to consider the experience because experienced healthcare experts deliver the best care and support services in your budget. The company should have the right skills to understand your requirements in depth. Don’t forget to discuss your special requirements and if the company can fulfill only then you should hire them.

Keeping all these facts in mind, it is easy to decide the best homecare Company in the world that can deliver the optimum range of services as required by you. We can proudly say that Hands-on healthcare has all these qualities to give the best healthcare support at your fingertips. All the best!

There are scores of people who use Retinol for their skincare regime. Do you wonder what makes 30 million people use the liquid from time to time? Do you want an anti-wrinkle and a perfect skin; well here is the secret to it! If you concerned about your fine lines, uneven skin texture, and pore size, then this is the perfect piece of advice for you.

Here is a list of benefits you did not know about Retinol:

  1. Anti-wrinkle magic liquid– Retinol ensures that your skin does not have any wrinkles and all the fine lines disappear, giving you the perfect radiant skin.
  2. Brightens skin– have you tried all the DIY remedies and nothing seems to work for you dull skin? Well, Retinol helps to exfoliate the skin at the cellular level, resulting in smooth and brighter skin. It acts at the cellular level and ensures that you no more get cranky over your dull skin.
  3. Regulates skin tone– Retinol works like magic when it comes to controlling oily skin. Use it as a toner to cool your skin down and have an oil-free skin.
  4. Fades dark spots– You must have suffered from hyperpigmentation or dark spots some time in your life. It can be really annoying to watch your friends and colleagues have clear skin when you have tried all the products in the market. However, you need not worry anymore when you have Retinol at your rescue. Forget sun spots and dark spots, using Retinol will ensure that you have clear skin and your complexion will even out after a while.
  5. Helps to treat acne: It is very typical to develop acne while your body is going through hormonal changes and Retinol can be incredibly helpful to deal with acne. It has an organic property of cell renewability and stops your skin pores from getting blackheads, pimples, and cysts.
  6. Youthful Glow– Retinol is the best pick for your skin to ensure the regeneration of skin cells, which eventually add to your youthful glow.

How to inculcate it in your skincare regime?

Once your body starts to produce less collagen with your increasing age, your lifestyle is not healthy, and the sweltering sun harms your skin, the perfect treatment you need is Retinol. It is the must-have skincare ingredient and the powerhouse of skincare. Vitamin A present in Retinol will help you to boost the production of collagen and will help your skin breathe.

  • There are several creams and serums hydrated and formulated with Retinol, available in the market to ensure that the flakiness of your skin in perfectly under control.
  • Ensure to apply Retinol after you apply your moisturizer. Creating a base first will ensure that the absorption rate is under control unless your skin becomes used to it.
  • Make sure you even apply Retinol after applying the sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sunstrokes.
  • Using Retinol can make your skin very dry and flaky, thus ensure that in winters, you apply enough moisturizer and then apply the magical ingredient.

Try using Retinol today to have clear, bright, and radiant skin like never before!

If you think home care services and support are limited to seniors, you might be wrong!

Time has changed!

Individuals of any age, these days, who live with a severe health condition needs personalized care.

Besides helping with household activities like meal preparation, transportation, and medication management, home-based care may provide emotional support and peace of mind.

In this post, we’ll discuss some of the benefits that quality homecare support and services can provide to you!

  1. Peace of Mind: Personal care providers offer peace of mind because they know their loved ones need mental peace.

Parents of special needs can assure that their child is receiving the best possible supports. Moreover, this would benefit your kid in the long run.

  1. Support: Professional caregivers can provide full emotional support to families without any special demand. Home care providers can assist in a lot of simple and complex tasks, such as bathing and hygiene, cooking food, doing housework, managing medications, recreation, and community activities.

With personalized care, your kid would likely get the best care you’ve ever imagined.

  1. 3. Convenience: With home-based care, you don’t need to face logistical challenges, find a facility, or long drives for appointments.

Homecare services and support significantly minimizes the need for going outside, ultimately removing many of these burdens.

And consequently, your family would suffer less stress, and your loved one would experience the care they need to become independent.

In a nutshell, your kind would get an improved quality of life.

Final Thoughts

Remember that a child’s experiences in the initial years are what build their foundation in the future they will become.

You need to provide them an environment where they can learn, socialize positively, consume healthy food, and strong and personalized care support.


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